TReX Jr. Voltage capacity

Hi, I was wondering what the voltage capacity for the TReX Jr. is. I know they can take up to 2 amps continuous, but what can it take in spikes? I need to know what size fuse to get to prevent frying the chip in the even of a spike.



You can find the datasheet for the MC33887 motor drivers used by the TReX Jr under the product’s resources tab. If kept cool, the IC can deliver up to a continuous 5 A. The chip has over-temperature protection, and, unlike other H-bridges, it has peak current active limiting between 5.2 and 7.8 A, which causes it to gracefully reduce current as you exceed 5 A.

- Ben

So due to the built in precautions do I even need a fuse?

It wouldn’t hurt, but you shouldn’t need a fuse.

- Ben

OK, thanks a lot.