Trex Jr Screwhole sizes


What size screw will fit into the Trex Jr motor controllers? I have #4’s on hand, which fit Trex’s, but not Trex Jrs. I’ll have to order some smaller screws.

And just as a wish if they are re-designed periodically: I wanted to mount a bank of several motor controllers on some threaded rod (spaced well apart, but on the same 4 rods) and I couldn’t because the Trex and the Trex Jr screwholes don’t line up. SOOOOO close yet so far.



Hi, Perry.

The three mounting holes on the TReX Jr. are 0.086" in diameter, suitable for #2 screws.

Thank you for the feedback on the mounting-hole size and placement. We try to keep it the same as much as we can, but we try to balance that with our goals of keeping our boards small, and providing mounting options that make sense for the boards size and weight.

- Ryan