TReX Jr and Bilge Pumps

The issue: I want to run six 12v bilge pump motors (Rule 500gph) which draw about 1.9amps fused at 2.5amps. I intend to use a 2.4 ghz 6 channel receiver linked directly to three TReX Jr Dual Motor Controller DMC02, each running two pumps. According to the specs the controller seems ok for the job. The motors are standard dc, so does that sounds feasible?



It sounds like the TReX Jr would be up to the task, though you’re getting close to the controller’s maximum continuous current rating, so you might need to take some steps to keep the drivers cool. Do you need bidirectional motor control for these pumps? If not, you could probably get by with two TReX Jrs by using the third, unidirectional motor channel in addition to the two bidirectional channels (note that the PWM frequency is much lower for the auxiliary motor than for the two main motor channels).

- Ben

Thanks for the reply.

I was afraid that it might be pushing them a little. It would need the three as I would require bidirectional control, the main issue would be keeping them cool.

My original plan was to house them in an underwater ROV with the signal tethered from the surface. I had thought about using the TReX from the surface, but 20m of cable from each TReX to a motor didn’t sound feasible.


You should keep the power supply, motor controller, and motors as close to each other as possible. I think the TReX Jrs will be able to handle it (though the lack of air flow in an underwater ROV is a bit of a concern), but if you want to play it completely safe you could use the more powerful TReX, or you could use six of our new Simple Motor Controllers. The 18v15 version would offer plenty of power, and it has the benefit of being configurable over USB. It is also more configurable than the TReX and offers several features that the TReX does not.

- Ben