TReX DMC01 - Help on initial programming

Can anyone offer suggestions on TReX DMC01 initial programming for an R/C application?

My first attempt followed the online user guide instructions and the green/red LED combination reported that it had learned the appropriate channels (1-3, 4 and 5 being unused). The motor status LEDs worked but only the M1 motor would spin forward, not reverse. My second attempt also reported that all channels were learned but this time only the auxiliary motor functioned. By the third attempt, no motor status LEDs were on although the green/red LED combinations worked exactly as they should according to the instructions.

Any thoughts on what to do when the LEDs report to have learned all channels properly but no motors/motor LEDs work?

I’m using a 7.4v, 430mAh battery with the 2 motor/1 auxiliary configuration.



Can you try disconnecting your motors and just using the motor indicator LEDs for feedback as you move your transmitter control sticks around? Does the behavior as indicated by the LEDs differ at all from what you’re seeing when the motors are connected? Can you tell me more about your motors? For example, what are their stall currents at 7.4 V?

By the way, does your battery really only have a capacity of 430 mAh, or did you mean to type 4300 mAh? If what you originally typed is correct, your battery is likely very underpowered for your motors and probably cannot deliver the current they will be attempting to draw. Can you see if things improve if you use a more appropriate power supply?

If you have access to a USB-to-serial adapter, you can connect your TReX to your computer and get a better look at what’s going on using the TReX Configurator utility.

- Ben