TreX DMC01 Brake Low Data Byte

Hi. I see in the TreX Command documentation, the brake low commands (e.g., 0xC0 and 0xC8) are followed by a data byte. I also see in the configuration parameters that you can set brake duration and the deadband brake PWM. What’s not clear to me is what the data byte does in the low brake of the TreX Command Documentation. What is the purpose of the data byte after you send the low brake command?

Also, my Trex reports that I am on firmware version 1.3, but your resources page lists firmware only up to 1.2. Am I correct that my firmware is more up to date than that on your site? Thanks!


The brake command allows for variable braking, with the data byte setting the duty cycle that the TReX will brake at. A value of 127 corresponds to full braking and a value of 0 corresponds to full coasting.

As it says in the user’s guide, version 1.3 just identifies a hardware change on the board that has no impact on performance; it is functionally identical to version 1.2.


I was hoping that’s what the data byte was for. Thanks.