TRex and TXT-1

Hello -

I have a TXT-1 and want to create a robotics platform with it. The TReX looks interesting in that I could still allow my nephew to rip it up as an R/C vehicle. However, I know software, not hardware, and so I need to ask if the TReX can likely be used to drive the steering servos?

The TXT has a single RC input to the motors and another input to the two steering servos. If the TReX would work, does it matter if one of the primary motor outputs or the auxiliary output is used for servos?

Thanks for your help,


The TReX is designed to control motors in response to RC servo pulses, not servos. Fortunately, you can drive servos directly from your RC receiver. You would connect one of your receiver’s channels to the TReX and two more of your receiver’s channels to the two steering servos. Just make sure that you power your receiver with something that can deliver the current the steering servos will draw (i.e. you cannot use the TReX to power the receiver and should remove its BEC jumper). Does this make sense?

- Ben

Yes, that is very clear. Thank you.