TReX and 14.4v drill motors

A common, cheap cordless drill available here from the local large hardware store (bunnings) is the 14.4v “XU1” (not to be confused with the history-making car). The same shop also sells plastic trolly wheels with rubber tread that fit perfectly onto the output shafts of these drills.

Does anybody have any opinions on using a TReX to drive a pair of these? I dont have the exact specs on hand of the drill, but there are many other nearly identical drills being used for robotics - i am sure somebody has an opinion. I will be looking at driving it from a pair of 12AH 6v SLA’s, providing 12v to the motors


It really depends on the current the motors draw. If they draw less than about 10A continuous, you should have no problem. The TReX can supply a few amps more than that, but you’ll start getting into the range where it’s close to thermal shutdown. You should also make sure the stall current of the motors is under 30A, which is the peak current the unit can deliver.

- Jan