Total newbie

Hi all I am a total noob here and just got the 18 servo controller. I just hooked it up to my pc with usb and green lights are flashing I plugged in a few mcro servos with a battery and trying to play with the controls to make a servo move with no luck. Is there someone willing to walk me through some basics just so I can figure out how it works to make one or servos riun first.

I am buiding an R2D2 and he has 11 servos in the dome on panels and I want to use this to comtrol them…please help? I need some basics just to make one servo move for start!



Have you seen the Maestro User’s guide? How about section 7, which is all about wiring?

- Ryan

Hi Ryan I got the unit working through the computer, now I need some advice. What would be the best way with somekind of a remote to trigger the unit and who could I ask or hire to help me with a script that could open 9 pie panels in R2D2’S dome. I am not finished with the complete servo set up yet but very close to having them all installed and tied in to the hinges.
I would like the panels to all open at once and somehow maybe tie them in with a short circuit sound and also open seperate with a delay to do a wave type of movement.

HELP? looking for someone to work with I also have an ardunio uno unit that will be running the logics but have been told I could the servos with this also but I like the Idea of the Pololu unit being assigned to the dome servos only.

Thanks for being here- David