Tips on remotely controlling a maestro 6ch

I have a project I need advice with.
I have built the small hexapod using the maestro 6ch controller.
However, I want to control it remotely now, and I am not sure which direction to go.
Plan #1 was to just tie it in to a rc reciever, using 2 of my 3 open pins ( on the maestro) as input.
The basic controls were forward, back, right, left.
The I found out that it can’t read PWM in; so I have 3 open channels, and the tx/rx pins to work with.
Hardware at my disposal:

  1. board(s) pulled from a cheap rc vehicle. The board has 4 wires: 2 for drive motor, and 2 for the steering motor. Basic operation is swap polarity, no proportion control. runs at 3v.
  2. IR led and ir detector disctrete packs.
  3. 72mhz rc micro rx(6ch)

large supply of discrete electrical components, including an arduino duemolove.
I have read through the manual, and trolled through the web. I did find the bluetooth remote mod. However, my 15yr anniversary is coming up, so buying any new parts is out of the question ( until after July :wink: )
From what I understand, when using the pins as inputs, they accept analog voltage from
0-5v. Is that correct?
So, what would be your recommended course of action?


I don’t see an easy way to incorporate wireless control with the parts you listed. With any of the three methods you listed, you would need some kind of microcontroller between the wireless module and servos or servo controller. By the way, I don’t think a whole assembly like an Arduino counts as a “discrete electrical component”. If you don’t have a solution by July, I recommend trying our Wixel wireless modules.

Yes, Micro Maestro pins in input mode accept analog voltages 0-5V.

- Jan