Tic T249 interface with Arduino UNO 328

I have successfully used the control panel APP to control the TIC T249 to drive a NEMA 17 motor. I have downloaded the Pololu TIC Library for the Arduino and T249 and have uploaded both the IC2 Speed Control and Current Control sketches to the Arduino successfully. I connected the SCL. SDA and GRND Pins between the Arduino and TIC 249 but neither of these sketches work. The motor is not energized. The voltages on SDA and SCL are both a steady approx 5v so I have not added the ‘pull up 10k resistors’ suggested in the documentation. Can anyone point me in the right direction?



I moved your post to our Motor controllers/drivers and motors subforum, which seems more appropriate.

Did you send a De-energize command to the Tic by clicking “De-energize” in the Tic Control Center before running the I2CSpeedControl or I2CSetCurrentLimit sketches? If so, you need to undo that by clicking “Resume” or power-cycle the Tic.

Can you post pictures showing how everything is connected in your setup?

- Amanda