TIC 834 troubleshooting

I bought 2 TIC834.
So for one, I did the soldering, plug it with usb over my pc(windows 10). Launch the tic software and proceed to the last firmware upgrade. After the upgrade, the tic was not recognized fast. I mean I had to wait more than a minute that windows said we have a new device here, that s happened several times, not always. The one I did not upgraded was recognized instantly. Anyway I did my first test with the one soldered (thel lazy one), plug my stepper motor, and played with ‘windows gui’. So I decided to move to raspberry ( really good documentation), and go with c++ example over usb. All was working. Today I just wanted to move back windows tic software, I plugged my tic834, nothing happened, no led flashing. I moved back to pi. Same thing no led flashing. The one (not upgraded) works like a charm over windows-usb or pi-usb
So I was wondering if it is a firmware issue, maybe it s my fault (mishandling shortcut.). Is there a sort of go to safe mode, and is there a way to hardware reset the tic834, or maybe I burned it ?

If you have a solution It would be cool. Thks guys for this controller, this the one I needed.


We do not know of any firmware issues like that, but we would like to look into it with you. What firmware version did the problematic Tic have on it before you updated it? Also, what version did you update it to, and where did you download it from?


HI Brandon,

Thanks for your answer. I bought the 2 tic 834 in well known electronic french shop. The 2 tic 834 come with firmware 1.03. I upgraded them to the latest one 1.06 (from https://www.pololu.com/file/0J1635/tic-v1.06.fmi). I have some good news.
The tic who was not responding is re-working now. It s cool, but I can’t understand why yesterday it was totally hang (leds off, usb plug failed, etc.). It s true that I cleaned my office with a ‘wet sponge’, maybe something bad happened and this is the cause :worried:. So sorry for your time lost.
Thanks again.

Thank you for the additional information. I am glad you were able to get it working again.

Does it still take usually long to be recognized by your computer or is it working as expected now? You might try wiggling the USB connections at each end of the cable to see if there is an issue with a loose connection.