Tic 825 analog and serial port

Hi all,

I am currently using the pololu tic825 to control a stepper motor with a potentiometer through the analog speed “analog speed” control mode. It works perfectly btw. I want to get an RPM output from the controller using an arduino and the “tic.getCurrentVelocity” in arduino.

I would connect the arduino uno to the controller via the rx/tx ports. How would i go about doing this.

Im up for any suggestions… im new and just getting into it.

Hayden Hanna

Hello, Hayden.

In general, the specific pins to connect the TX and RX pins on the controller will depend on the code. The example code in our tic-arduino library will use an open hardware serial port if it is available. The Uno does not have an open serial port, so our code will define a software serial port with RX on pin 10 and TX on pin 11. You can find a table with the pins the library uses for different Arduino microcontrollers in the README.md file, which is shown at the bottom of the tic-arduino library page.

When connecting a single serial device like the Tic to a microcontroller board, The TX pin on the microcontroller connects to the RX pin on the serial device and the RX pin on the microcontroller connects to the TX pin on the device. Those connections are shown in one of the diagrams in the Setting up serial control section of the Tic user’s guide.