There is no tech support

forget about getting any help with the programs they offer links to on this site.

I have followed all of the links, directions, and instructions on the site and the .h files still will not go in. I have called to get tech support and they keep telling me “oh sorry noone is in yet.” The last time I called was at 11:17 am CST ( yea i know they are on the west coast ). I asked what time does your tech support come in? The person repplied well we open for help at 9am ( thier time ) but they dont show up until 930 or 10. What is the point of having hours when you are open if you cant even get anyone to work. This is not right if i were to come strolling in 30min to an hour late at work I can tell you what would happen to me. I wouldnt have to worry about being late the next day.

Offer some real help or hell at this point I would have been happy to tallk to some guy in a dest in India at least it would have been someone to get help from .


Ok, deep breaths… I’m not tech support, just some random dude about to post a question of his own… I’ve just gotten everything mostly working myself so you might be running into some of the same problems I had.
What do you mean by:

I’ve been using 64bit Windows 7 and here’s how I got it running.

I downloaded and installed:
The programmer driver


AVR Studio 4

The Pololu AVR C/C++ libraries

I did run into some issues myself, and I haven’t tried their phone support, but I have found them very helpful on these forums so far.(See my post here:

What operating system are you running? I’m assuming you are having a compile error? What does the code and the error look like? If you use AVR Studio 5, I couldn’t figure that IDE out, so I may be less than helpful, but if you use AVR Studio 4, I MIGHT be able to point you in the right direction.


We have a phone number (we even pay for the call in the US) at the top of every web page; most companies similar to us do not have any phone support or if they do the contact information is difficult to find. When you do talk to us, you can usually talk to the engineers who are involved in our products’ development and who know what they are talking about. You can see for yourself that our dedicated staff is on this forum at all times of the day and on weekends. We reply to almost all emails within a business day. Given all that, it’s quite unreasonable of you to say there is “no tech support” when you couldn’t be helped by 9:17 in the morning and a live person told you no one qualified was available.

- Jan