The Pololu Simple Controller 18v7 and RC 2.4ghz

I wish to use a Pololu Simple Controller 18v7 to control speed on a large scale train. The brushed motor on the train requires 18volts which the controller will handle. Can I use a 2.4ghz radio transmitter and receiver for this controller. Simply connect the controller to the 2.4ghz receiver and use it like an esc.
There are companies like RCS in Australia who make 2.4ghz controllers for large scale trains but are around $100 each.


Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes, our Simple Motor Controllers can be controlled with input from an RC receiver. You can find information on how to do this in the Simple Motor Controller User’s Guide, accessible through the Resources tab of the relevant product pages; specifically, section 4.3 describes how to connect an RC receiver.

- Kevin