The motor type of the pololu gearmotor?

hi guys,
could any one provid my with the type of the pololu gear motor found here :
i want to know if it is separately excited, shunt or series as i am doing a control project and getting the mathematical model for the motor is a must, also if any one have any idea about the motor constant , torque constant and such data “OR even an approximation” it would be greatly appreciated!!!


This motor has permanent magnets, not wound stators (field coils), so the question of how they are wound does not apply.

We do not have any information on the motor’s characteristics beyond what is on the Specifications tab of its product page:

However, you can get a reasonable approximation of a torque curve by assuming that the torque varies linearly from zero at the free-run speed to the listed stall torque at zero speed.

- Kevin

thanx for your attention !!!

the info ways helpful