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Testing effectiveness of a Faraday cage

I built a Faraday cage with some aluminum plates and panels screwed together. It also has some slots. I would like to test the effectiveness of the cage. I am thinking of having some RF generator inside powered by battery and measure the signal outside. I don’t have RF equipment and the ones I checked are quite expensive (few thousands €). I think there should be easier ways to generate and measure signals. The measurement doesn’t need to be accurate. And the frequency I am interested is around 125 MHz. I am engineer but not a RF engineer, not even electrical engineer. Therefore, I need some hint where or what I can look for.


Is there a certain circuit or piece of equipment you want to protect with your Faraday cage? You could use something like an oscilloscope or spectrum analyzer to look at noise or EMI with and without the cage, but it sounds like you do not have access to equipment like that.


issue solved!!