Terminal Block Tips

I’ve been using the TReX Motor Controller recently to control one of the Wild Thumper 6WD chassis and it’s working well. However, the bane of my existence seems to be getting a nice and solid connection with the terminal blocks. Are there any tips and tricks to getting the terminal to clamp down on the wire so that it doesn’t come out when there’s a bit of tension - I’m finding when I plug/unplug my battery that action can be enough (not always, but often enough to be a bit frustrating) to pull one of the wires out. I’m tempted to solder some high current connectors on underneath but I’d like to leave the board as is if possible.


To secure a wire in a terminal block, I loosen the screw as much as it will loosen. Then, I push and hold the wire as deeply as I can in the block while screwing it down. Another thing you might consider is mounting the wires somewhere between the terminal blocks and your battery connector. That way the mounting point will take the force of plugging and unplugging, not the terminal block connections. I think the Wild Thumper might have additional mounting points in its terminal block bank that you could use for power.

- Ryan