TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier

Hi I’m using the TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver Carrier to drive the motors on pololu.com/catalog/product/114. I’m trying to figure out more information about the PWM signal inputs. What is the period of the PWM signal suppose to be and what duty cycles do I use to control speed? I tried to find some type of documentation of this but was unable to? Can you help me?


The TB6612FNG is not recommended for use with that gearbox, since the included Tamiya motors can draw more than 3A at any voltage above 4.5V. It will probably not work for very long before breaking or shutting down automatically.

That said, you might be able to use it with the TB6612FNG if you keep the duty cycle below 30% at all times. As it says on the product page, the PWM frequency can go up to 100kHz; 20kHz is a good choice if you can do it, since the PWM will be ultrasonic and inaudible. We use 10kHz by default on the 3pi and Orangutan controllers.