T249 Step Output spec

Hi All
Can’t find anything on this.
I thought it would mirror the pulse freq and count when the motor moves.
However, I only get a single 2 micro Sec pulse every time I move the motor.

Can someone point me towards the information for this please.


Edit: After reading testing and browsing this weekend, I can’t find what I swore mentioned this.
So, perhaps I was fantasizing about a feature that would be so useful.


I recommend reading the “Setting up STEP/DIR control” section of the Tic user’s guide. That section has a link to the TB67S249FTG datasheet, which has a detailed specification of the driver’s STEP/DIR interface.

If you are looking at the STEP and DIR signals generated by the Tic, you should see a brief high pulse on the STEP pin whenever the Tic moves the motor by a single step. When the Tic moves the motor by 100 steps, there should be 100 pulses. The state of the DIR pin during a pulse determines whether the pulse moves the motor forward or backwards.


HI All

I am about to sit on a plane for 17 hours to Sydney, so decided to print all 205 pages of the manual
and read it thoroughly.
But just to get it straight, you are saying that the Step pin on the T249 will show steps (by short pulses) that mirror the number of steps the motor is commanded to move via usb.?

Won’t have time to test again for a week or two, but WILL pursue this.
Many thanks for your response.


That is correct.