T-Rex Input Voltage Limiting Factor

Short version: Are there any components on the big TReX, other than the VNH2SP30s themselves, that will be immediately unhappy at slightly above 16V?

Long version: I’m going to be retrofitting an old Pioneer chassis with new control/drive electronics and I want to switch over to Lithium Ion batteries, but I’m not sure yet if I’m going to use 3 or 4 cell packs. If the TReX Jr will handle the current requirements I’ll just use one of those, but I still need to take motor power measurements. I’ve had good luck with the VNH2SP30 breakout boards and 4-cell Lithium Ion packs. They charge to 16.8V, but drop down to 16V very quickly.


Hi, Adam,

The main electronics all go through an LM2937 regulator, so aside from power dissipation limiting how much Vcc current you can pull of the board, going above 16V should be fine. (Also, the part of the circuit that is not motor driver specific is the same as on the TReX Jr.)

- Jan