Synching up servos & RC

I have a unique project where we need to take 6 servos, synch them up in pairs, and use RC to control them. I’m looking for someone who can quickly tell me what components I need to buy. A five minute conversation on the phone with one of you gurus would be fantastic. Thanks very much in advance!


I’m not sure exactly what you mean by "synch"ing up your servos, but have you considered connecting your twelve servos to a six-channel RC receiver using six servo Y splitter cables? This way the two servos in each pair receive exactly the same signal from your receiver.

- Ben

Thanks for the reply. No, I haven’t considered that because I don’t know exactly what each component does. I have just started looking at this website to assemble the solution for my project. I am not building a robot or RC plane but the mechanical functions are the same-- pairs of servos moving on demand wirelessly.

If anyone knows an expert who is kind enough to spare a few minutes on the phone, that would be most helpful.

I think Ben has your solution for you, though. The Y-cable has been in use with RC gear for many decades now in order to accomplish exactly what you’re describing.

Here’s a hand-waving description of how a servo works: Three wires go from the radio or controller to the servo. Two of them are ground and +V to provide power to the servo. The third is a signal wire that tells the servo what to do. On a given radio, all servos share a common ground and +V, but each channel gets its own signal wire so that each channel can be told to go to a different position.

When you have two servos you want to move in tandem (say if you have two servos driving the left and right landing gear on an RC airplane), the way you do this is by sending them exactly the same signal down the signal wire. They already share a common ground and +V, so if you give them a common signal wire, you get what you’re after: synchronized servos.

The Y-cable does this by taking ground, +V, and signal, and splitting it into two cables, both with a common ground, +V, and signal. Plug two servos in to the Y-cable and plug the Y-cable into the radio, and the two servos will move in lock-step.