Switching input source?


I have a crane that has tracks for drive. I am using a 2 stick (DX6i) radio. The left stick is boom & rotate and the right stick is hoist & crowd. I would like to flip a switch and run the drive & steer with the left stick when moving the crane. Is there a simple device I can buy to do this?



I don’t know of one. You would need the channels that are not being controlled to remember their positions when you switch your control to other channels, right?

- Jan

The servos could either remember there last position or have power removed. Is there a “Y” style switch that I could use to just drop power from one set of servos while I control another?

I don’t know of a ready-made product. You could use our RC switch with small MOSFET to control a relay to give power to one set of servos or the other. However, you could get quite a bit of jerkiness when you switch since the servos could get powered up or down in the middle of a pulse.

- Jan