SV-168 Pololu

I was wondering, is the motor controller on the SV-168 powerfull enough to make a strong mini sumo?


It depends on what you mean by strong. You can get over 12 watts per channel if you run at 12 V, which is pretty decent. However, we have motors such as the HP micro gearmotors, which draw 1.6A at stall at 6V, so you couldn’t get all you could out of those motors. If you decide the 12V, 1A envelope of the TB6612 motor driver is good enough for you, you might consider the Baby Orangutan, which is much smaller and therefore easier to fit in a low-profile sumo chassis.

- Jan

Well i’ve already purchased the SV-168 and before i begin working with it i wanted to know if it can handle it’s own against another robot. So against an average mini-sumo, do i stand a chance? Also are there ways of making the motor controller stronger?

It’s definitely possible to make something with the SV-168 that can beat stock kits from Parallax or Solarbotics. It’s not that easy to make the motor drivers stronger. You could add larger external motor drivers, but connecting the AVR hardware lines to them might be difficult. The main thing is that the driver has to be able to handle the motors you choose. Do you know what motors you’re using?

- Jan