Suggestions on Mounting SMC & Maestro


Working on my prototype robot with some success. At some point I need to build a few more but neatened up from the prototype quick and dirty approach.

Anyone have some suggestions on how to mount Pololu boards neatly in a compact area?

I will have 2 or 3 18v15 SMCs and a Maestro, probably a micro. Right now I am running them all over USB which means a lot of cables that get in the way of a clean layout.


Are you ultimately going to control the robot from a computer over USB, or will the microcontroller be in charge?

If you are controlling it over USB, you could use the Maestro’s USB Dual Port serial mode, which basically lets you use the Maestro as a USB-to-TTL serial adapter to control all your other boards. I recommend reading more about that in the Maestro User’s Guide. The section about the Serial Settings and the section about daisy chaining are relevant.