Success with TIC T500 but failure with T825

Using my KH56Q stepper I was able to drive it using a TIC T500 but I was unable to get my TIC T825 to work with the stepper. I double-checked the A1A2B1B2 wires were equivalently connected (different jacks on the two board models). I varied the motor VIN from +5 to +9 to +12 to +18 to +24, none resulted in movement.

Any thoughts or hints?

  • Jay


I noticed you also started another thread about problems you are having with the Tic T500 as well. Can you clarify what mode you are using the Tic T825 in and how you are trying to control it? Please note that the Tic T825’s minimum operating voltage is 8.5V, so you should be using at least that, and should have received “Low VIN” errors when using 5V. Also, what did you configure the current limit setting to (in the “Motor” section of the “Input and motor settings” tab of the Tic Control Center)? Similarly to the other thread, can you post your Tic T825 settings file as well as pictures of your setup that show all of your connections?