STSPIN820 Stepper Motor Driver

I need help with the STSPIN820 Driver. I was able to make it work with my Arduino Mega and Nema 17 stepper motor as long I do not connect the Enable pin or the Standby pin.

My motor is using 275 mA when idle and eventually it starts to get warm/hot. The stepper motor is rated at 400mA.

Does anyone have some code to share on how to use the Standby and/or Enable pins to turn the motor off… I tried setting them to HIGH/LOW using digitalwrite(pin, state) but I was not successfull…


There was an error on the product page which had said “…[the ENABLE] pin can be driven low to disable the outputs.” We have just fixed that, and the behavior is actually the opposite: driving the ENABLE pin high should be enough to disable the motor outputs. If you drive the ENABLE pin high, do the motor outputs disable? If that does not work for you, did you set the pins you are using to control the driver as outputs? If you connect the ENABLE pin directly to 5V, does the output turn off?

Please also note the driver’s ENABLE pin is normally active high; our carrier board has it inverted to be active low to closer match our other stepper motor drivers with the same form factor.