Stepper Reset logic

Hi, I have just receive my stepper motor and a4983 stepper driver! I successfully drive the motor using a Netduino controller! :smiley:

I am building a circular platform that need to move from an initial position to up to 5 other positions (about 33.3 degrees apart). A certain delay (5-30 min) will occurs before to move to the next position. I would like the stepper motor to at least move back to the initial position (home state!?) when powered up and/or using another trigger signal (Other wise I would have to use a manual switch move the motor to the starting position which is less sexy).

Does the RESET feature meant to do that? If yes, how do it work?

I tried to flash the RESET pin with 0V or 5V without any success.


You should look at the datasheet to see what the RESET input does. In general, it’s a reset of the driver’s internal state; what you are asking for does not make sense. How would the driver know where to move the motor? How fast it should move the motor? What kind of acceleration to use? These are all things you need to take care of from your main controller, with an input for this mechanical reset function, and program logic and possibly sensors to keep track of the motor’s location and to move it where you want it.

- Jan