Stepper Motor Driver Selection


I’m doing a project which involves linear actuation driven by a stepper motor and trying to find a motor driver to run this specific motor:

The specification of this motor is here:

I was considering to use 4988, but the motor’s Rated Current/Phase (2.0A) goes over 4988’s Continuous Current/Phase (1A). Actually I don’t see any stepper drivers on Polulu whose Continuous Current / Phase is higher than 2A.

Do you think I can still use 4988? If not, which driver would you recommend?

Any advice would be very helpfu. Thank you so much!


Our A4988 carrier would not be very appropriate for a 2A per phase stepper motor. You might consider our AMIS-30543 stepper motor driver carrier. It can handle 1.8A continuously without additional cooling and should be able to handle short bursts of 2A.