Stepper motor compatibility with DRV8825 and A4498


I’ve got this stepper motor and two sorts of drivers which are a4498( and drv8825(

After getting this, I realized that the rated currents(1.68) is more than the driver’s spec.
Anyway I tested with current setup and DRV8825 didn’t work but A4498 worked correctly with 12V power.

So there are three main questions -

  1. Is it possible or not working with DRV8825 with that motor? I followed your mention of “Our DRV8825 stepper motor driver carrier is probably the best option for this stepper motor.” in the motor’s page.

  2. Do you recommend keep using a4498 with that motor with current limitation setup? Otherwise, should I replace into more appropriate motor?

  3. I also tested with 0.4A stepper motor( but it was not compatible with both of drivers. could you explain why it’s not working?


Both the A4988 and the DRV8825 could be used to control either of your motors, though neither of the drivers would probably be able to handle the full current of the #2267 motor without additional cooling. Have you set the current limits on the two drivers? If so, what is the VREF voltage of each? If not, you might find our video on how to set the current limit helpful.