Status window vs get_position

My question is when a servo is connected to a channel and the position of the servo is returned what is the unit of measure and range?
Second how does the value returned by get_position compare to the status tab and channel settings tab?
As I step through code the values returned by get_position differ from the status window are these in different units?
Thank you

I assume you’re talking about one of our Maestro Servo Controllers, but in general you should always specify what product you are talking about when you ask for help.

The Maestro offers quarter-microsecond resolution, so all targets and positions are stored inside the Maestro in units of quarter-microseconds. All script and serial commands that deal with targets or positions (except the special 8-bit versions) use quarter-microsecond units. However, the Maestro Control Center’s status tab displays targets and positions in units of microseconds to make it easier for people to understand.


yes thank you David.
Correct Maestro 12 and the ratio is 4 from testing, now i know why.
Must have missed it in the docs.
Thanks again,