Start 2 servos at the same time?

starting two servos at the same time is posible??? I have two servos conected to the ServoController but not sure if just moving one after the other will cause the servos to move at the same time?? or is it a method to specify a group of servos to start at the same time??



Which servo controller do you have?


The 12-channel Mini Maestro 12. if that doesnot work to achieve that what would be your recommendation??
do i need to get two controlers and attach one servo at the first and the other servo two the second maestro?


The Mini Maestros have a “Set Multiple Targets” serial command described here.

Does that do what you want?

Otherwise, if you quickly set two servos in two separate commands, they will start at most about 20ms apart, which is close enough for most applications.


Multiple targets seems to fit my needs but not sure how to acomplish that. is there any example??? i’m using C# and not sure how to send those serial commands if the maestro uses USB. i’m new on this.


The fact that it uses USB does not matter if you are using the serial interface, because the USB-serial and TTL-serial inputs accept exactly the same byte sequences. Do you have anything working yet? If not, I recommend reading the appropriate user’s guide section then searching Google for “C# serial port example” or something and trying to get the basic Set Position command working first.


That means that I need to connect the Maestro via USB but using the Serial Port on the PC?? so connection will be:

PC:SerialPort --> SerialToUSB Adapter --> USB cable --> Mini Maestro.

or just does not matter if i connected directly to the USB interface on the PC?

I think that what i need to do is use the USB AVR Programmer to convert the USB signal into the Serial and be able to connect it to the Mini Maestro, something like this: USB calbe --> USB AVR (Serial TTL) --> ISP Cable included --> Mini Maestro. is this right?


That sounds way more complicated than it needs to be. When you connect Maestros to a computer with a USB cable, they make virtual serial ports that you can use to send commands in the serial protocol. The section of the user’s guide Paul linked to talks about virtual serial ports.

- Ryan

so, I just need to connect to the Serial TTL port (virtual port) and write the bytes, those will be send via USB to the Mini Maestro and the servos should move, right?? do i need to change the serial configuration of the maestro??

if i use the maestro this way, I’ll still be available of using the maestro with the USC class??


The Usc class can be used simultaneously with the virtual COM ports, but you need to connect to the Command Port, not the TTL Port. You should probably be in USB Dual Port mode. Please read the section “Virtual Serial Ports” in the document section that I linked you to before as well as the serial settings section.