Stacking H-bridge chips

On your web page it says you can stack 754410 H-bridge chips (like the one in the dual serial motor controller) for more current handling capacity. I have also seen where soldering the two chips together are recommended. I have the following questions;

  1. Is stacking recommended for the dual serial motor controller?
  2. If so, do you recommend soldering the chips together?



The dual serial motor controllers have a mode where you can use the outputs in parallel, so you might not need to do any stacking. However, it is possible to stack two of the motor drivers on top of each other, and if you do so, you should definitely solder both parts (otherwise, what’s holding the top chip on?).

This chip-stacking is not all that great, though, so if you need more power, you might be better off just getting a motor driver that can handle your load.

- Jan