SSC04A strange behavior


I can’t make controller to move my servos. In mini ssc mode it moves all servos (all connected at the same time) a few degrees and then back after any command I send (same thing when I send just one byte 0xff).
In pololu mode I’m not able to make it move like it should:
sending 0x80 0x01 0x04 0x00 0x0f 0x00 to set absolute position from win 32 serial transmitter moves servo counter-clockwise a few degrees a time. Repeating this command 6-7 times moves it to the left stop position. sending 0x1f 0x1f for position moves servo a few degrees to the right and then back. If I turn the servo to the right stop and then send this command few times the servo moves left and settles at some position finally. It really does not turn clockwise even by repeated commands. Servos are 1501MG.

I’m a absolute newbie so any help will be highly appreciated.


I suspect you have a power problem. You could try sending one byte at a time, with big pauses in between, so that you can see at which point a problem happens. If you keep having trouble, you should post more details about your power setup.

- Jan

I’ve used two independent power supplies (with negative connected) and now it works! Seems that servo was drawing too much current and controller was resetting after each command because of voltage drop (I used 6V so it did not took much to drop below 5).
Now the green led goes off after the first command and servos stay powered as they should.