SSC03A Red flashing with only one kindof servo


I have a big problem with my studies project. I have to control a robot hand (the mechate robot hand) with an arduino and the pololu ssc03A.
Actually, I’m just making tests with one servo, the used mode is the mini ssc 2. My problem is that when I’m using the servo futuba s3314, after few seconds of working the red led start flashing with a fixe yellow led. But When I’m using another servo ( it works good.

I tried with 2400 or 9600 bauds, but the problem is still the same.

I have an other little problem, when I used a loop to travel all the servo’s position (with the servo wich work good), it finally travel only 90° :frowning:

My code in the arduino is next.

void sendPosition(int servo, int pos);

void setup (){
Serial.begin (9600);

void loop (){

for(int i=0;i<=254;i++)
for(int j=254;j>=0;j–)

void sendPosition(int servo, int pos)
Serial.write(255); // Send the start bit
Serial.write(servo); // Send the servo number
Serial.write(pos); // Send the new servo’s position

And I’m sorry for any error in my langage, I’m an exchange student :blush:

Best Regards,


Hello, Romain.

I am sorry you are having problems using your micro serial servo controller. A yellow LED flashing while the red LED is on signifies that the baud rate is too slow. However, it looks like you have the correct baud rate set in your code. Also, it sounds like it works with smaller servos, so I suspect it might be a power related issue or a problem with the Futaba servo.

Could tell me more about your setup? How are you powering your system? Could you post pictures of your setup?

By the way, 90° is the standard range of motion for a servo given 1ms to 2ms pulses. To get your servo to turn farther than that, you would need to send it pulses outside that range. Please note that turning a servo further than it is rated for can damage it, so you should check your servo’s datasheet to see what angle it can safely be turned to.

- Jeremy