Spinning wheel @ 5-100 RPM

hi all,
i ask for a recommendation for a small motor + driver combo to rotate at a variable speed.
the load is very small, a floating vertical mounted plastic wheel in a 3" diameter.

i allready have 100:1 Mini Metal Gearmotor
question is which driver to add and will this combo it give good results at very low speeds.



First of all, you linked to our drivers category. Do you have a microcontroller in your project already? You will need to be able to generate the appropriate PWM signals to control the driver; if you cannot do that yourself, consider getting a Motor Controller instead.

Now, as for driving it slowly: Every motor has a minimum voltage that will cause it to turn, which is usually going to be about 10-20% of the rated voltage. So you can set a motor controller to, for example, a 25% duty cycle, and it should run at a small fraction if its maximum speed. Exactly how consistent and slow you can get it depends on the motor and might change over time, but it should not depend much on your choice of controller.

Next, to select a driver or controller, you need to know what voltage you will be running at, since that determines the range of boards that will work and the stall current of the motor. Do you have a power supply selected?