Speed control problem in the maestro control center

hi everyone, i’m new in this forum, and happy to join you. english is not my language, so please have mercy on me…
i just started to use the maestro 12ch with the maestro control center. i’m trying to understand what is the right way to configure the speed.
my problem is, that if i save deferent speed for each frame in the sequence tab, its being ignored when i play the sequence. the sequencer use the speed of the first frame for all the other frames.
let me put my question in simple words: if i want to use deferent speeds in a sequence, what would be the best way to do it?

another problem is the duration values. i kind of need to guess how long each movement would be. i read in the user manual about the “get_moving_state” function, is there a way to use it as a default for the control center’s sequencer?


Hello and welcome!

Unfortunately, the built-in sequencer does not save the speeds for the frames. But you can do this and more using scripts. Try using the “Copy sequence to script” button on the Sequence tab. That will create a script that has a bunch of numbers (servo positions) and commands with names like FRAME_0…15. There is a comment after each command that says what frame it corresponds to. You can insert your own speed comands at the beginning of the program and also after each frame command. For example,

10 0 20 1 SPEED SPEED

would set the speed of channel 0 to 10 and the speed of channel 1 to 20. Then click “run script” to run your improved script.


thanks, i will try it!
i was asking also about the “Get_moving_state”,
any advise about a way to make it a default function for the script?
the thing is, that most of the time, i will want to “surf” naturally from frame to frame, and if talking about a complex script with many sequences and frames… i guess it could be nice to have it as default.
thanks for all!

Oops, I guess I missed your second question. You are asking for a way to make each frame last until the servos have stopped moving, right? That’s a good suggestion, but there is no option for doing that right now. If you use the script method, you could also insert commands to do the waiting between your frames, or you could write a subroutine to do it and call that subroutine at the end of each of the frame subroutines (like FRAME_1…15). If you get stuck on this, post some of your code, and I can give you suggestions.