Specs on md07a driver?

I have 2 Pololu motor drivers in front of me, and on the back of each it lists “Pololu 2008” and “md07a”. I have been searching your site for information about the driver but can’t find anything. I would love to get a link to a specifications-sheet for this product.

On one end of the board the pins read: GND, DIR, PWMH, RESET, FF1, FF2, 5V, V+

On the other end the pins read: GND, OUTB, OUTA, V+

Thanks - Terry Wardrop


You have one of our High-Power Motor Drivers. To figure out the exact version, you will need to look at the MOSFETs:

IRF8734 or IRF7862 = 18v15
IRF7842 = 24v12
FDS5672 = 36v9

The information for using the driver is available on the appropriate product page.

- Ben