Source code for smccmd

Im wanting to use smccmd (linux command) on an arm platform, the binary provided on your site is for x86, do you provide the source code so I can recompile it? if this is not an option, is there an easy way to use serial instead of usb with the 18v15 motor controllers? i see this device on your site but not sure how it would connect to the 18v15 if it does at all? the pins dont match, what are my options?

The binary we provide for SmcCmd (for Linux or Windows) is a actually a .NET assembly. The source code is written in C# and is available in the Pololu USB SDK. If your ARM platform has libusb and can run .NET code, then you can probably get it to run. Atlernatively, you can look at the source code and use it as documentation of the lower-level USB protocol used by the simple motor controller, and write your own software to control it.

If USB is too much trouble then, yes, there is a serial interface. There is a long chapter in the user’s guide that explains how to use it:

The Pololu 23201a Serial Adapter you linked to can be used to convert RS-232 serial to the TTL-level (0-3.3 V non-inverted) serial that the motor controller will accept. Does your ARM board only have RS-232 ports or can you somehow access serial pins that give TTL serial? If you can access TTL serial, then you would not need the 23201a.