[SOLVED] Mini Maestro 12 with hacked Servo (DC Motor)

Hi there,

I’m not entirely new to working with servos but I’m not an electrical engineer - so I hope you can provide some help or clarify a few things. Thanks in advance.

So I got myself a Mini Maestro 12 in order to connect a standard servo and additionally a hacked one. Hacked in my case means i ripped out the potentiometer and the board and solded 2 wires directly to the motor. I’m now trying to control the hacked servo using the Maestro Control Center but I can’t get it running.

  • The hacked servo spins nicely when I connect a 6V power source directly
  • Using Ubuntu 12.04 the control center is working with the standard servo
  • I connected the hacked servo to channel 8 (GND and signal lines)
  • In the control center I switched channel 8 to output, enabled it and checked ‘Enable PWM output …’
  • There’s nothing happening when I now change the slider’s position

Is this scenario supposed to work or do I get something wrong?


Unfortunately, the board you ripped out of your servo was the motor controller. The Maestro would have been able to communicate with that motor controller, but it is not able to drive motors directly. The PWM output on the Maestro outputs logic signals, so it cannot provide enough power to drive a motor. In order to control the hacked servo with the Maestro now, you will need some kind of motor controller or driver. You might also consider reading our blog post for more information about servos.


Thanks Robert - didn’t deal with PWM before. So I’ll get myself a new servo and try to modify it in a less radical way. :smiley:

Kind regards