[SOLVED] DRV8838/BD65496MUV not producing output

I’ve been trying to get a Particle Photon to control a DC motor. I tried both the DRV8838 and BD65496MUV and in both cases, I’m not getting any output signal. I’ve got Vcc connected to the Photon’s voltage rail, Vin is a 12V battery, and the grounds are tied together. I’ve tried driving Vcc directly to ENABLE and PHASE to take any PWM issues out of the equation, and tested everything once over with a multimeter. It’s 4.5V across all the Vcc lines and nothing coming out of either OUT. Is there something I’m missing? It seems quite simple, but so far no luck.

EDIT: I did something dumb. Should have soldered all the pins to the device before testing it.

Thank you for letting us now you found the problem and sharing what was wrong.