[SOLVED]: About sequences and scripts


I’m playing with a Mini Maestro 12-ch Servo Controller and I’m reading the guide but I have some doubts about sequences and scripts.

I have 4 servos connected to the controlller (0…3). I created 4 sequences for each one. I mean the sequence 0 moves the servo 0, sequence 1 the servo 1 and so on.

The controller will be connected through a serial to my own board. The goal is to run a sequence upon request - using the serial command “0xA7, subroutine number” is I understand correctly.

What I don’t understand is how to convert my four sequences to a script in order to be called using the serial command.

The guide says I have to write my own custom script when using multiple sequences. I don’t need any complex logic there, just run a single sequence once.

Where can I find a simple example how to achieve that?
Thank you and sorry for my poor English

I’ve ended up adding:


at the beginning of the script and changing the return statements to quit.
It seems to work fine now.