SMC04 Loss of memory?

Hello all,
Here’s my problem, I’ve had a pair of SMC04a controllers running for weeks but now one has quit responding.:frowning: I havn’t tried resetting the motor number yet. I guess my question is whether I may have lost the configuration from running the two scooter motors when the battery drops too far below 12v. Like I said, this has been runnig around for weeks and just quit for some odd reason. Has any one else had this happen?? :?


The memory shouldn’t get erased directly very easily. However, if you operate in an electrically noisy environment, your serial commands could get corrupted and get interpreted as a “change the motor number” even when you’re not intending to send such a command.

- Jan

Hi Jan, thanks for the reply. I finally got the controller brought in to reset the motor id & it seems to be working ok now :smiley: I think I’ll use some more ferrites and caps and hopefully things won’t get scrambled again. My project is an autonomous mower (LAWNCOW II) with 13’ tires & differential steering. It ain’t as pretty as the off the shelf models, but highly modifiable :slight_smile:

Hi, Allen.

I’m glad to hear you’re back up and running. That sounds like a cool project; I’d love to see some pictures when you’re done if you have any to share.

- Ben