SMC03A RC interface

I have a futaba RC controller that I want to connect to the RC interface on the SMC board that will control a 12Vdc motor. I would like to use a pot as a feedback mechanism for the 12Vdc motor. But my question is it possible to use the RC interface to control the motor with the analog jumper selection? or am I required only to use the analog input interface (pin 8) when using an analog (potentiometer) feedback?


The interface and feedback options are independent. The left jumper controls the interface, so you should put the jumper across the lower two pins for RC interface. The right jumper controls the feedback mode, and you should put the jumper across the upper two pins for analog feedback.

- Jan

Yes, I understand that, I’ve set the jumpers to use either the RC or analog input. And I can use the analog input with the analog feedback (jumpers selected per manual) but my question is why can’t I use the RC input control with an analog (pot) feedback? I’ve set J1 to RC and J2 to analog and am not able to control my motor with the feedback pot attached. Is the PIC programmed to only use the analog feedback with the analog input? Thank you for your assistance.

RC control with analog feedback is one of the most common applications of this motor controller. What is your controller doing when you try to use it this way? What are the LEDs doing?

- Jan