SMC03 and stall/load current

i have 2 SMC03 motor controllers. I am currently controlling the FWD/BKW motion of 2 Windshield wiper motors. Before hooking up the motor controller to my motors, I tested that each of these motors draws under 1A in no-stall, no-load. And when applying opposite force on the motor arm, looks like about 5-6A. I understand the motor controller has 3A limit and read in this forum that it has a 3.3A tolerance. By going into the range of 5-6A, will cause the motor controller to fry?

thank you in advance


We’ve addressed this over the phone, but in case anyone one else is interested, the 3 A motor controller will not supply 5 or 6 A; whether it fries or not, the project won’t work.

- Jan