SMC03 and POT for Analog Position Feedback

I am at a point where I want to hook up my 10K POT to the motor axis. I read in this forum that by jumper clipping to Analog, will make convert the speed commands to pos commands.

I have a few ?s on how to setup the PID params. And, if there was a pre-tested set of steps that I can/should follow to make this process as easy as possible.

Can someone shed some thoughts on what is the best approach to setting up the PID params and what is the best flow to follow.

I am controlling two 12V Windshield wiper motors using 2 SMC03 motor controllers.

Thank you in advance

There are two approaches to generating good PID parameters. A theoretical approach involves either extensive physical characterization and mathematical modeling of your system (although computer programs like Matlab can do a lot of this numerically, but it’s still a lot of work to set up).

I prefer a more empirical approach (i.e. try and see), and there is a short description of a good (I think) technique in this thread.

So, what’s your plan for these motors; are they still controlling your windshield wipers?


thank you Adam. I will take a shot at these recommendations.

My project is codenamed, “Home Motion Deck”. Goal is to provide a DIY route of building a home motion simulation and “rider” platform soln at low costs. We will see where that goes :). I will provide more details on my projects site :

Also, many thanks for Jan (and Pololu) for patiently answering several of my questions earlier this am - w/ recommendation that SMC04 would be a better MC for my project