smc01a and the ATOM microcontroller

The sample program provided in the instruction manual for the Dual Serial Motor controller is for a Stamp II controller but I have an Atom.
To make it work I had to use this command.
serout 15,i9600,[$80, 0, 1,speed]

It seems weird since the i9600 means inverted at 9600 buad and the motor controller requires no inverted, but it works.
I also used a 10k pull down resistor on the reset pin.


Thank you for the tip about the ATOM microcontroller. We have seen other Basic Micro devices that also seem to have inverted and non-inverted flipped.

- Jan

Wow that’s awesome. I never thought to even try that. Thanks SOOOO much for posting that!!! :smiley: :exclamation: :exclamation: