SMC 18v15 not responding to anything

We have 2 Pololu Simple High-Power Motor Controllers 18v15. We installed the drivers and hooked them up to a computer and windows did not even recognize that any new hardware was connected. We tried hooking them up to a power supply and still nothing. No LEDs, lights or any sign of life. They’ve been sitting in the box they’ve come in until today. Are they just dead junk?


p.s. we tested our cables and stuff too so its not that.


A few units shipped with the microcontroller erased, so it’s possible yours are among them. We were supposed to have emailed all of the potentially affected customers; did you get yours directly from us? Please email us with your order number, and we will get this resolved as quickly as possible. I realize this is not the simple motor control experience we are trying to deliver, and I apologize for the inconvenience.

- Jan


A few emails and its all been sorted out.