Simple Motor Controller Not Powering Motor

Dear Sir,
I have a similar problem like you but in a different manner !! . Please help me if you can. my objective is to run the dc brushed motor from the simple motor controller. i connected the power supply to the controller and out A and out B to the motor. I’m using the pololu simple motor centre to run the motor through usb interface. i made the necessary settings in the software interface to run the motor.but my motor is not running !!. I checked the output from the controller to the motor . it was .20 volts. my yellow led is blinking continously . i have gone through the user guide to read the yellow status indication. but it seems all related to ttl serial interface . So pls help me to trouble shoot this . thanks in advance


I have split your post into its own thread since your problem likely differs from the one being discussed in the thread you posted in.

How are you powering the SMC? Can you post a screenshot of the status tab of the Simple Motor Control Center that shows you trying to drive the motor? Can you be more specific in your description of how the yellow LED is blinking? Specifically, which pattern from the user’s guide best describes what you’re seeing?

- Ben