Simple joy stick control

I have a Micro Maestro and need simple code for 2 axis joystick control.
Its been 25 years since I programed and need some starter code.
I actually learned basic on a teletype hooked up to Kiewit Center at Dartmouth Collage (That was where the original Basic was developed). Thanks

Another option worth considering might be RoboRealm. I got joystick control of my micro SSC set up in RoboRealm in about 5 minutes. Not saying VB is all that difficult, but if coding isn’t your thing then RR might be worth trying.

I suggest you use the “Servo Commander”- google it-
It already has the joystick controls for complete X Y Z Throttle control, plus controls for 25 channels.
AND…it includes WiFi wireless adapter!

I gave up on a joystick interface for the Maestro (sadly)- I just need my projects to work- I don’t want another engineering degree in programming.