Setup pololu jrk 12v12 motor controller with arduino

I am completely new to building electronics and need some help.

I have an arduino uno that is set up to receive servo locations from a computer application.
This part works fine and I have tested it with rc servos.

I purchased a jrk 12v12 motor controller to operate a 12v dc motor geared to 16 rpm.

My intention here is to have a potentiometer turned by a gear on the motor, and based on the potentiometer reading spin the motor to get the proper potentiometer reading.

I do not know how I need to set this up to work. What I do know (or at least believe i know) is that I need 3 wires running from the arduino to the motor controller and a potentiometer hooked up somewhere on the motor controller.

I also need help with setting up the controller itself so that it will work this way.

Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.


You can find information about setting up the jrk with your motor in its user’s guide, which can be found under the ‘Resources’ tab of its product page. In particular, section 5 guides you through the steps necessary to set up a feedback system for use with a jrk.

Once you have the motor and feedback settings properly configured, you can set the jrk to use pulse width input if you want to control it with your Arduino the same way you controlled your RC servos. Alternatively, you could consider using serial communication to control the jrk if you want finer resolution control. More information about input options for the jrk is in section 3.b of the user’s guide.